Leila Cruikshank

Cough, phlegm, and difficulties with breathing

 Remember, the problems in the lungs of a person with CF start after birth. 

The symptoms of CF are all linked to the basic problem with thick mucous, which traps bacteria and blocks the airways. 

A cough develops as the lungs try and find a way to clear mucous.  Initially the cough occurs only with chest infections but as disease progresses, cough will occur daily. 

The mucous (also called sputum or phlegm) produced may be clear, white, yellow, green or brown.  The colour of the mucous depends on the number of bacteria and infection fighting cells it contains - normal mucous is clear and the more bacteria there are, the thicker and darker in colour the mucous becomes. 

Shortness of breath can develop as the airways are plugged with mucous.  Click here to learn more.

Although CF lung disease is progressive, meaning that it slowly worsens over time, the CF team can work with you to minimize your symptoms and maximize your lung function.