Lindsay Shaw

Monitoring your blood sugars


It is important to monitor your blood sugars regularly. High sugars can promote infection. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal blood sugar control. Follow the guidelines listed below to keep your diabetes under control.

-Blood sugar targets are as follows:

Fasting: less than 7mmol

Pre-meals between: 5–7 mmol

2 hours post-meals: 5–10 mmol/L ( if HBA1C≤ 7%)

2 hours post-meals: 5–8 mmol/L ( if HBA1C> 7%)

Bedtime: 5 – 6 mmol/L

Glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1C): less than 7%

-Avoid severe hypoglycaemia (low blood sugars)

-Maintain optimal nutrition

-Maximize psychological well being

-Prevent long term complications of diabetes

Click here to download a blood glucose monitoring record. (To download click link and click OK, Size 16 kB) You can either print this off and bring it with you to your next clinic visit or you can keep track of your sugars on your computer and email the completed sheet to our CF Nurse Practitioner, Kate Gent.