Melissa Benoit

Risk of CF Related Diabetes

Does this mean I will get diabetes?

About 40-50% of the adults and about up to 35% of children and adolescents 10-18 years of age with CF have impaired glucose tolerance which requires them to check their blood sugars regularly.

If you currently have IGT, it is possible you may develop diabetes in the future. You will be tested every year for diabetes with an OGTT or more often if diabetes-like symptoms develop (such as increased thirst, tiredness, or frequent urination). It is also possible you will develop IGT for a short period of time (i.e. when you are sick) and then have normal blood sugar readings again. Approximately 20% of adults and 5-8% of children aged 13-18 years of age with CF develop diabetes (high blood sugar levels after fasting) and require insulin to control their fasting blood sugar levels.