Dean Cruikshank

What if I feel Short of Breath?

Shortness of breath can occur due to the airways being plugged with mucous. If you feel short of breath, try the following steps from the Lung Association.

Remember: Breathlessness on effort is uncomfortable but not in itself harmful or dangerous.

1. STOP and REST in a comfortable position.

2. Get your head down.

3. Get your shoulders down.

4. Breathe IN through your MOUTH.

5. Blow OUT through your MOUTH.

6. Breathe in and out as fast as nescessary.

7. Begin to BLOW OUT LONGER, but not forcibly, and use pursed lips if you find it effective.

8. Begin to SLOW your breathing.

9. Begin to use your nose.

10. Begin diaphragmatic breathing.

11. STAY IN POSITION for 5 minutes longer.

Source: The Lung Association