Amanda Turkiewicz

In the clinic?

1) Separate clinics are provided for people with CF based on what type of bacteria grows in their sputum.

- Tuesday clinic is for those who are cepacia negative.  This means you do NOT grow B. cepacia complex in your sputum.

- Wednesday clinic is for those patients who are home IV antibiotics who are also cepacia negative.

-  Friday morning clinics which occur bi-monthly for patients who are cepacia positive.  This means you DO grow B. cepacia complex in your sputum. This clinic is further subdivided based on the cepacia strain you may grow. 


2) When you arrive to clinic you will be assigned a clinic room.  While waiting for this room, you should keep a distance of 3 ft or more between yourself and other individuals with CF.


3) You can leave your room for testing but otherwise you should remain in your room, the CF team will see you in your assigned room.


4) A sputum specimen is collected from each individual on every visit and sent to the microbiology laboratory for analysis.   A sputum induction may be performed on those who have been unable to produce a sputum sample in the past year.


5) Your breathing test is done in clean room and you will not be tested in the same room as someone with different bacteria.  All individuals will be asked to clean their hands before and after performing their breathing test.


6)Staff will wear a yellow gown and gloves upon entering your room and discard this gown upon leaving the exam room.


7)Staff will wash their hands, or use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting your clinic room.  Feel free to ask them if they did.


8)Staff will clean contact surfaces of exam rooms with disinfectant wipes before a new patient enters the room.


9) For individuals admitted to hospital on the same day as their clinic visit, the clinic nurse will notify the Respirology ward regarding their cepacia status.