Melissa Benoit

How do I know when to replace my nebulizer and compressor?

Replacing Nebulizers

Nebulizers should be replaced on a regular basis. Your PARI nebulizer should last from 6 months to 1 year with general use. It is recommended that you buy a back-up nebulizer in case your nebulizer becomes lost, damaged or soiled.

Replacing Compressors

Compressors need only be replaced when they stop functioning or when their performance results in decreased drug delivery to the lungs. The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Assistive Devices Program (ADP) currently offers funding assistance for a new compressor every 5 years. You should always contact the vendor from where you purchased te compresor if you have any problems with it.

PARI offers a standard 5 year warranty on their compressors and parts.  If the compressor should fail during the warranty period, PARI will repair or replace the equipment or parts at issue. To make a claim under this warranty, notify the authorized service center by calling PARI Patient Connection at 1-800-327-8632.


To increase the life of your compressor, ensure the Air Filter is replaced regularly.  The Air Filter on the PRONEB ULTRA II Compressor will generally last for up to 500 hours.  A good general rule is to replace the Air Filter every 6 months.  You must replace the filter immediately if it gets wet or becomes clogged.