Lindsay Shaw

Managing Home Intravenous Antibiotics

Managing medications at home has advantages and disadvantages. In some cases, when you and your medical team feel that your condition is stable enough to continue your intravenous (IV) therapy at home, this option may be offered.  However, this is not offered to all patients; it depends on your medical condition, your support at home, your comfort in managing home intravenous medications, availability of home care etc. As well, in order to qualify for home IV coverage you must have valid OHIP or private insurance or pre-approved coverage from your province of origin (this applies to out of province patients). If home IV is being arranged, your medical team will discuss:

- Antibiotic combinations compatible for the home

- Dosing schedule

- Duration of intravenous antibiotics

- Patient’s I.V. comfort and competence level

- Education surrounding mixing and infusing intravenous antibiotics

- Type of intravenous access (PICC, Port-a-cath)

- Preference of I.V. mode of delivery (Pump vs. gravity)

- Patient’s preference & life style

Arranging for Home Care can sometimes be a little complex and may require up to 3 days notice.  Home Care (Community Care Access Centre = CCAC) services can be affected by your date of discharge (weekend, holiday, etc.) and area of residence so if your team has agreed to home IV treatment please allow for this set up time. Ultimately, the decision for home treatment must be made by your team after talking with you. For more questions ask your CF team.