Preparing your treatment

Follow these steps when preparing your treatment:

1) Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.  This helps to prevent infection.

2) Place the compressor on a clean surface and connect it to a power supply.

3) Attach the long connecting tubing to the air out port of the compressor.

4) Take out your nebulizer and remove the nebulizer top from the nebulizer cup. Place the top on a clean surface.

5) Check the expiration date of the medication you will be nebulizing.

6) Empty the medication as instructed into the nebulizer cup. It is very important that you use the full dose of the drug.

7) Replace the nebulizer top back onto the nebulizer cup.

8) Connect the mouthpiece to the nebulizer.

9) Attach the free end of the long connecting tubing to the port on the bottom of the nebulizer. Keep the nebulizer held upright so as not to spill any of the medication.

10) Turn on the compressor and check to see that a mist is coming out of the nebulizer.

Note:For some inhaled medications it is necessary to do a quick breathing test to make sure you tolerate the medication before it is prescribed. Your first treatment should be performed under the guidance of a Physiotherapist or Respiratory Therapist to ensure proper technique and correct use of equipment.