Amanda Turkiewicz

Short term and long term disability and more!

Short Term Disability (STD)

Not feeling well enough to work? Depending on your work, you may have access to a Short Term Disability Benefit, also called a Sick Leave Benefit.  You will need to review your benefit package to be sure.  If your employer offers it and you are eligible, the benefit will likely provide you with a short period of time (perhaps up to 3 months) to claim benefits and return to your previous level of health to get yourself back to work.

Long Term Disability (LTD)

Have you used up your short term disability but are still not feeling well? If your health is unchanged while receiving STD or you have exceeded your benefit time, you may be eligible for a Long Term Disability Benefit.  Again, you will need to consult with your benefit package to see what you may be able to access.  Generally this is a longer term period that you will be able to continue to get paid from your employer through your insurance carrier.  It generally runs for 2 years, although this varies from plan to plan.  Your insurance provider will request medical information from the CF team to describe why your situation warrants LTD.  

Trillium Drug Program (TDP)

The TDP is a drug insurance plan for Ontarians.  If you have less that 100% coverage through a private plan or no coverage at all, you may be eligible.  This plan is based on a deductible payment schedule.  You would be required to pay quarterly installments towards medications.  If your amount is greater than what you require in medications – you will only need to pay for what you use.  If your quarterly amount is less than the medications you require – you will only need to pay that much and the remainder is covered through the TDP until the next quarter.  

Please speak to your Social Worker for more details or visit the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care for a more complete guide an application to Trillium Drug Plan.