Taking your treatment

Follow these steps to make sure you are taking your treatment properly:

1) Sit upright in a chair and place the mouthpiece of the nebulizer between your teeth and on top of your tongue. Be sure not to block the airflow with your tongue.

2) Breathe normally by inhaling and exhaling through your mouth. Do not breathe through your nose. If you have difficulty breathing through your mouth, try using a nose clip.

3) Every 1–2 minutes take a couple of deep breaths through the mouthpiece to help increase the amount of medication delivered to the small airways in your lungs.

4) Do not be concerned if condensation collects in the long connecting tube during your treatment.

5) When the nebulizer begins “spitting”, gently tap the nebulizer cup and continue breathing until the nebulizer cup is empty, or stops producing a mist.

6) It is important to inhale the full dose of your treatment. If you are interrupted, or begin coughing during your treatment, turn off the compressor so as not to waste the medication.

7) To resume your treatment, turn the compressor back on and continue.

8) If you detect a leak, or feel any moisture coming from the nebulizer during treatment, turn off the compressor and check to see that the nebulizer cap is correctly sealed before continuing.


A mouthpiece is the preferred method of delivering aerosol to the airway, regardless of age.

A mouthpiece delivers more drug to the airway with less waste than a mask.

A mask should only be used when a mouth piece is not tolerated