Amanda Turkiewicz

On the ward?

1) An Infection Control Practitioner provides continuous monitoring on the ward for evidence of cross contamination.  Water samples and environmental swabs are performed on a regular basis

2) Individuals with CF do not share a room or bathroom with another individual that has CF.  They may, however, share a room or bathroom with an individual that does not have cystic fibrosis

3) Individuals with CF are assigned a shower designated as cepacia negative or cepacia positive.  Showers are cleaned after each use.  If desired, individuals may be given a day pass to go home and shower.

4) Staff are required to wear a yellow gown and gloves upon entering your room and examining you.  The gown is discarded upon leaving the room.

5) Staff are required to wash their hands upon entering and leaving your room.

6) All rooms are cleaned and disinfected once an individual has been discharged.