Amanda Turkiewicz

What you can do to protect yourself and others




- Know what type of bacteria grows in your lungs so can attend clinic on the appropriate day


- Be sure to maintain a distance of 6 feet or more from others with CF


- Throw away tissues immediately after use


- Always cover your mouth when you cough


- Avoid people who are sick whenever possible


- Persons with CF should avoid long, close physical contact with each other


- Do not share personal items such as cups, utensils, toys, computers, compressors and nebulizers with other CF patients


- Clean and disinfect your nebulizer and physiotherapy device daily


- Ask your health care provider if they have washed their hands and cleaned any equipment before they examine you


- Wash your hands or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer:

- After coughing, sneezing and blowing your nose.

- Throughout your clinic visit and as you leave clinic.

- After using ATMs, handrails, grocery carts etc.

- Before and after eating.


How to Clean Your Hands with Hand Sanitizers

1. Put a nickel sized amount in palm of hand
2. Rub your hands together. Make sure all parts of your hands, fingers and nails are rubbed with the gel.
3. Briskly rub your hands together until dry, often about 15 seconds.
4. Do not rinse or dry hands with a towel.