Pump it up!

I was one of the very first people with CF related Diabetes (CFRD) at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto to actually go on the insulin pump back in March, 2009. 

Amanda Turkiewicz

A Nursing Career and Having CF

I am a nurse.  I am a good nurse, and I love my job.  I also have CF.  Working as a nurse who has CF is like having two full time jobs.

Melissa Benoit

Music and CF: My Journey

I was born in Fergus ON on Sept.11,1986 to my parents, David and Lynda Shaw. I left the hospital to begin my life on a farm near Arthur ON.

Lindsay Shaw

Focusing on the positive things…

My name is Amanda Turkiewicz, and I'm 25 years old, and I have cystic fibrosis and diabetes. 

Amanda Turkiewicz

Balancing My Life with CF: Using Exercise to Deal with My CF

Soon after I was born in 1963, I was diagnosed with CF. My parents already knew that four of my older siblings had CF and my younger sister later tested positive for CF.

Dean Cruikshank

Insulin Pump, Life, and University

I have lived with diabetes for 17 years now. I have been on an insulin pump for 6 of those 17 years.

Melissa Benoit

My experience with Respiratory Rehabilitation

My experience with Respiratory Rehab