What do you want to be? - having CF and career planning

Is career planning stressing you out?

There are a few significant restrictions when thinking about career options for someone with cystic fibrosis.  A flexible schedule which is able to accommodate possible absences due to illness is ideal.  It is beneficial to have a full understanding of an employer’s policies with regards to sick leave, sick pay, vacation time, and the possibility of working from home. Also important to consider is the physical environment.  Keep in mind the possibilities of airborne irritants and the risk of infection transmission from other individuals, such as in a child care or medical care setting.

When looking for the right job, it is also important to make sure that you can receive some sort of medical coverage that you might need in order to continue maintaining your health and treatment.  In cases in which your employer does not or cannot provide such coverage, several government programs may be able to help you. Please ask your social worker for more information around career planning and government programs that are made to assist you!