Leila Cruikshank


Allergic reactions to antibiotics are more common in individuals with CF than in the general population due to high doses and long durations of IV antibiotics. The most common reactions are rashes, itchiness and hives; however, in rare cases anaphylaxis can occur.

If you experience one of these common reactions to an antibiotic you doctor will likely try to find an alternative antibiotic. However, if these antibiotics are needed in your treatment the team may refer you to an allergist. The allergist will use skin-testing to determine what type of allergy you have. If you have a specific type of allergic sensitivity know as an IgE mediated reaction, it is possible for you to be desensitized to that antibiotic.

Click here for more information on what a desensitization is as well as an outline of the process here at St. Michael's.