Lindsay Shaw

Is it safe to take my CF medications during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

If you are planning to get pregnant or have just found out you are, you can discuss with your CF team which medications you should continue taking and which ones may need to be stopped. The same applies for those who will be breastfeeding. For more information, visit our section on CF medications in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.

Your CF physicians and health care team refer you to the Motherisk Program and discuss their recommendations as they apply to your CF care. Please speak to your pharmacist and your CF team if you have any questions about the medications you are taking or are about to start taking.


Click on the links below for information on specific CF medications.

- Klean Prep®, PEGlyte®, Go-lytely® - under construction

- Mineral oil  - under construction

- Lantus® (insulin glargine) - under construction

- Inhaled medications  - under construction