Leila Cruikshank

IV Antibiotics

Intravenous (or IV) antibiotics are given in hospital during an exacerbation, but may also be prescribed for home use. IV antibiotics are mixed into fluid and go directly into your vein. High doses of IV antibiotics are used to help kill bacteria and reduce the number in your lungs. The type of antibiotic as well as the dose will vary depending on the type of bacteria in your lungs. Your doctor will determine which antibiotic or antibiotic combination is best for you.

Some of the common IV antibiotics used in CF are amikacin, aztreonam, cefepime, ceftazidimechloramphenicol, colistin, meropenem, Tazocin®Timentin®, and tobramycin.

If you have additional questions, please speak to your CF doctor or pharmacist for more information.