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IVR and Automated Telephone Refill Service

IVR and Automated Telephone Refill Service

The IVR and automated telephone prescription refill service is now available in the Prescription Centre.  This allows you to order prescription refills 24hrs a day, seven days a week.  All you need is your prescription number. The Prescription Care Centre number is still ext. 5110. Just choose the option you require or press 3 to speak with a pharmacy staff member.

Please note:

1. If your prescription does not have repeats, you can flag the Rx to be refilled. This type of prescription still requires authorization by a CF doctor, and time for pharmacy to get authorization and to prepare the drug.

2. You will not be able to adjust the quantity you are asking for on the IVR system. The system will prompt to repeat what was dispensed the last time.

3. Medications you have never received before (ie. new prescriptions) cannot be ordered through the IVR system.

4.  The IVR system does not have message / voice mail capabilities.

5. Do not use the IVR system for emergency orders after hours. Also, orders placed on the IVR system will typically take 2 days to be ready. Please do not expect orders to be ready the next day without contacting pharmacy staff directly. If you are coming from out of town, advanced notice of when you are picking your order up will help us prepare your order in a timely fashion.