Other Inhaled Medication

Bronchodilators increase the size of air passages to the lungs by relaxing the muscles that surround your air passages. This allows you to breathe easier. Some examples of common bronchodilators are salbutamol (Ventolin®). salmeterol (Serevent®) or formoterol (Oxeze®). Bronchodilators also allow your other medications (such as Pulmozyme® or inhaled antibiotics) to reach deep into your lungs so that you can obtain maximum benefit from the medication.

Some inhaled medications such as Advair® contain both a bronchodilator and a steroid. For example the Advair Diskus contains fluticasone (an inhaled corticosteroid) and salmeterol (a bronchodilator). For more information on the Diskus, click here to visit the Canadian Lung Association website for more information.

Inhaled corticosteroids such as budesonide (Pulmicort®) and fluticasone (Flovent®) work in the lungs to reduce inflammation. This will help you to be able to breathe easier and will also allow your other medications to reach deeper into your lungs.

If you are using a nebulizer - please refer to Preparing Your Treatment, and Taking Your Treatment to prepare your dose of bronchodilators or steroids.

If you are taking other inhaled medication(s), please take them in this order.