Dean Cruikshank

Pump it up!

I was one of the very first people with CF related Diabetes (CFRD) at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto to actually go on the insulin pump back in March, 2009. 

I remember I wanted to get one for a while because I had researched them and as I was getting married in Cuba, I thought that would be perfect for me, but I didn’t have any insurance coverage for a pump and I just couldn’t afford it. When the news came out that the Ontario Government was willing to provide insulin pumps to type 1 diabetics, I had to find out more. It seemed easy enough, and I learned how to use it through mandatory training. Since being on the pump, I feel I have more control with my diabetes than I ever have before. 

Of course having diabetes is challenging, frustrating and annoying, yet my life has been so much easier because of the pump. I used to forget if I did my shot sometimes after a meal, and with the pump, I can check if I did my bolus or not. This prevents overdosing on insulin, which is my favorite feature. 

My blood sugars are not completely perfect, but I do try hard, and since being on the pump my 3-month average blood sugar level (A1C) has dropped significantly.

Given the choice, I would never go back to doing manual insulin shots, I feel better on the pump and I believe it gives me more freedom and less to think about. I love it, and I hope I can inspire more people with diabetes to switch over.

Amanda Turkiewicz