Lindsay Shaw

Insulin Pump, Life, and University

I have lived with diabetes for 17 years now. I have been on an insulin pump for 6 of those 17 years.  Managing my diabetes was the most challenging when I moved away to university and lived on my own.  I didn’t have my mom or dad around to harass me to take my insulin, so I let things slip.  I just couldn't be bothered checking my blood sugar or taking my insulin, and surely that extra cookie wouldn’t raise my blood sugar that much!  I was in 3rd year university when my A1C hit its all time high, and I realized that I had to get myself together and fix this.  I took the leap and went on the insulin pump.  The beginning was very challenging with having to check my blood sugar 8 times a day, and counting every carb [carbohydrate] that went into my mouth.   Once my pump rates were figured out, things settled down.  I got into a good routine, and slowly but surely my A1C came back down to a healthy range.  Going on the insulin pump was one of the best things I have done.  It gave me my health back, and it gave me the flexibility I needed and wanted with when to eat, and how much.  I got control back.  Living with CF, so many things are beyond your control, even if you do EVERYTHING right.  With my diabetes, it is the piece of me that I know I have a bit more control over. I would gladly live with diabetes instead of CF if I had the option to trade! 

Melissa Benoit