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Enzyme Quick Facts

Enzyme Quick Facts

- Pancreatic enzymes are needed to break down the foods you eat so that your body can absorb them.

- Enzymes are dosed based on the amount of fat in your meal. A meal high in fat would need more enzymes than a meal low in fat. click here for more information.  

- Enzymes work best when taken before or during your meal. But if you forget, you can take them up to 30 minutes after your meal.

- More is not always better. Taking really large amounts of enzymes may hurt your colon.

- You don’t need to take enzymes with simple sugars such as juice, candy, pop and fruit.


- The amount of enzymes might not be right if you notice the following: loose stools, stooling more often, greasy or floating stool stomach pain, cramps, or gas.

- Enzymes are very sensitive to heat and may degrade sooner than the expiry date if left in the heat.

- Have a compact carrying case that can hold a meal's worth of enzymes in a place that is convenient

- If you carry enzymes loose in your pocket or container, discard the enzymes once weekly

- Try placing full containers of enzymes in the places you occupy: the kitchen, desk at work, school locker, backpack, or purse to remind you to take them.

- You can excuse yourself from company to take your enzymes if you are not comfortable taking them in front of other people.

- For good health and to prevent constipation, it is very important to drink enough fluids.