G tubes

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Many studies have shown a definitive relationship between good nutrition and improved lung function and survival in cystic fibrosis.  In most cases, people with cystic fibrosis who are eating a high fat, high calorie diet and using pancreatic enzyme replacement (if needed) are able to meet their daily nutritional needs without too much difficulty.

However, a small group of people with CF, particularly those who have advanced lung disease, have trouble eating enough food to make up for the nutrient losses and energy demands caused by their illness. This is usually due to a combination of  malabsorption of food, increased energy needs because of chronic chest infection, and poor appetite or poor eating habits. In order to overcome malnutrition, it is necessary to add calories to what they are already eating, ideally in a way that does not further decrease appetite.

One of the easiest way to add calories to what the patient is eating with a g-tube (gastric feeding tube). This is a small tube, inserted though an incision in the abdomen into the stomach which can be used at any time to provide extra calories. Your CF team will help you devide if a g-tube is right for you. Click on this link to learn more about G tubes.