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Maintaining a healthy weight

Healthy Weight

Achieving a healthy weight can be a challenge for those with CF but it is definitely worth the effort. Research shows that those with higher weights have better lung function. A healthy body weight can also help your body to fight lung infections with a stronger immune system.

A person with CF can require 10-30% more calories than someone without CF of the same sex and body type. The body uses up more energy in CF for the following reasons:

- Malabsorption

- Increased energy needed for the work and breathing and coughing

- Fighting lung infection


Check out how many calories you should be consuming with the personalized nutrition tool below:


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Eating Strategies to Gain Weight


- Eat frequently. Make time for 3 large meals and 3 snacks every day


- Add a lot of "extras" to foods: sauces, spreads, dips etc.


- Make drinks count, always have high calorie drinks instead of water, coffee, tea or diet pop


- Use larger plates/bowls when you're eating at home


- Snack while watching TV or working on the computer. Carry snacks with you


- Eat larger portions, especially foods that are higher in calories: nuts, cheese, pastas, breads, dried fruit, sweet snacks


- Monitor your weight about every 2 weeks and keep track of it


Click here for sample meal plans, as well as information about G-tube feeds.