Amanda Turkiewicz

Tips to keep your appetite up!

- Forget the knife and fork!!  Meals that require a lot of effort to prepare take up a lot of time and may take up too much of your energy.

- Snacking is a better alternative. For example nuts, dried fruit, and cheese and crackers.

- Try to avoid set meal times.  Make it a point to have a snack or a high calorie drink every 2 hours.

- When snacking choose foods high in energy.  Try to add extra calories whenever possible.  For example add butter and gravy to mashed potatoes, or ice cream to milk for a milkshake!

- Keep a supply of single serving pre-packaged frozen foods and easy to prepare foods on hand.  They’re easy to heat up and are usually high in calories.  Some examples are Pizza Pops, Michaelina’s Frozen Entrees, and Jamaican Patties.

- Liquids are often easier to take than solids when you’re not feeling well. Creamy soups, milkshakes, and instant breakfast drinks are some examples of energy rich liquids.

- Make your surroundings pleasant!  Eat with a friend, play some of your favorite music, or go out to a favorite restaurant.  Avoid stress and relax.

- Prescribed supplements such as Ensure Plus and Scandi Shakes are a high calorie alternative to homemade drinks and can boost your intake between 300 and 600 calories per drink.