Amanda Turkiewicz


The Toronto Adult CF clinic is very involved in research projects that will help us understand CF with the ultimate goal of improving life expectancy and quality of life for CF patients. We conduct medical and novel therapy trials including CFTR modulators, and are also involved in non-treatment trials, such as observational studies. You may be approached in clinic to consider joining a research study. If you are interested in knowing your mutation or learning more about the ongoing studies, ask your CF doctor at your next clinic visit.

The CF research coordinators are here to inform you about all the exciting research projects going on in our clinic, and answer any questions you may have. Whether its a tube of blood, a sputum sample, a questionaire, or a clinical trial of an investigational drug, we need your help!

During clinic research coordinators spend time discussing these projects with you and letting you know what studies you can participate in. We make sure that you understand everything you need to know to make a decision about participating. Research is always voluntary and the care that you receive is not affected by your decision to participate. We want your decision to reflect what is best for you!

Need some information? Do not hesitate to contact us in clinic or call: