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Patient Family Advisory Board (PFAB)

About the Patient Family Advisory Board:

            In January 2008, the CF clinic at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto initiated the first Patient/Family Advisory Board (PFAB) in Canada, to ensure patients' needs are met with the highest standards of results.  Following guidelines of U.S. counterparts, it is comprised of CF patients and family members, with support from two clinic staff in an advisory capacity.  Members were given a questionnaire in clinic or were asked if they were interested in becoming part of the PFAB group.  PFAB conducts monthly meetings via teleconference, in addition to having regular ongoing communication.  PFAB has continued beyond its initial one year commitment and remains an integral part of the Toronto Adult CF Program.

The aim of PFAB is to act as an advisory resource to the St. Michael's CF care team.  Our objectives are to collaboratively work with the CF team to actively participate in the development of new programs, review recommendations and provide input with the ultimate goal of shaping a service system (the clinic) that is patient/family centered, efficient and cost effective. 

In addition, PFAB promotes improved relationships between patients, families and staff.  This partnership will allow PFAB and the CF care team to foster a partnering relationship where concerns are listened to and addressed.  This will result in more effective planning to ensure that services really meet the needs of CF patients. 

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Since its inception, PFAB has many accomplishments, including:

• Building a foundation for success:
• created a logo and a brochure about PFAB (who we are, what we do, etc.) that was handed out to patients in clinic
• set up an email address for patient inquiries and a website prior to amalgamating it with the Toronto Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre site
• developed a Terms of Reference for PFAB, outlining responsibilities of members, role of members, meeting frequency and protocols
• Participated in Leadership and Learning Collaborative VI with staff from the Quality Improvement (QI) team
• Represented PFAB at North American CF Quality Improvement (QI) conferences
• Participated once monthly in the Toronto Clinic's QI meetings to provide a patient perspective on current initiatives
• Members have shared their routines/schedules/planning tools that may be helpful to other patients in terms of managing their health and care
• Reviewed and provided essential feedback regarding the draft contents of the Toronto Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre website, including developing topics and items of interest from a patient perspective.
• Reviewed and provided feedback for various clinic initiatives/ handouts/questionnaires
• provided input in completing the physiotherapy brochure, BMI nutrition questionnaire, therapeutic relationship in-patient questionnaire, in-patient Code of Conduct guidelines, transition checklist (from attending Sick Kids to the Adult CF Clinic at SMH), questionnaire regarding cleaning and disinfecting respiratory equipment

Housekeeping Audits

• PFAB's goal is to address deficiencies in the housekeeping practices within the clinic areas and in-patient facilities, resulting in a cleaner environment for CF patients.
• PFAB created and presented an educational presentation about CF and infection control measures to the manager of housekeeping at SMH.
• PFAB arranged for housekeeping audits to be conducted by a PFAB representative and the manager of housekeeping at SMH within the clinic areas and in-patient facilities.
• PFAB developed a comprehensive and standardized checklist of items to be done at each audit and setup a database of audit results for each audit to enable us to track trends (good or bad) and develop a history of audits and measure performance.
•This initiative continues to be monitored and addressed by PFAB.

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Should you have any questions or comments that you would like to have addressed by PFAB, please contact us:


Mail:    PFAB
c/o The Toronto Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program
30 Bond Street, Rm 6037
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1W8

PFAB Members

Acting Advisor is:  Annie Thomas-Diceman, adult CF social worker