Melissa Benoit


We are happy to inform you about an exciting new telemedicine program taking place as part of our system of care for people living with Cystic Fibrosis in areas of Ontario with less access to medical care. This program aligns with our goal to increase the care that we provide and ease the burden of travel for people living with CF.

 Telemedicine is a technology that allows people living outside of large cities to be seen more frequently and will help lead to improved care. It allows for interactive "face-to-face" communication through video conferencing equipment at a telemedicine studio that is close to your home.

 We will continue to have satellite clinics taking place in Sudbury & Thunder Bay twice a year. We hope to use Telemedicine to bridge the gap between clinic visits 1-2 times per year as needed. We feel that is it very important to have a yearly visit in Toronto if at all possible. You will benefit from the direction and expertise of the entire multidisciplinary CF team at St. Mike's, which is the gold standard of care. This process is made possible through the Northern Travel Grant program, a travel reimbursement program funded by the Ontario government.

 In addition to doctor visits, other opportunities exist via telemedicine to take part in educational sessions with other members of the CF team. These include topics such as diabetes management, nutrition, physiotherapy and exercise, reproduction and fertility, psychosocial concerns, and many other pertinent topics.

If you have any questions regarding the telemedicine program or wish to take part please contact the CF clinic in Toronto to arrange an appointment.