What to expect on the ward during an admission

When you are admitted to hospital you will be seen by different members of our CF team. This is to ensure that all aspects of your CF care are attended to. We also have established guidelines for our ward to ensure the safety and consideration of yourself and others. Please take a moment to review these prior to or during your admission with us!

Respirology Patient Guidelines

To ensure your safety and in consideration of others, please note the following:

- Visiting hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

- Patients are expected to follow the infection control guidelines provided to them

- Patients should discuss with their physician if they wish to leave the hospital for any reason. We expect patients to be in their rooms, available for treatment(s) when the members of the CF team arrive to see them!

- Patients are asked to sign in and out at the nursing station when leaving and returning to the ward

- Patients are asked to return to the ward before 9 p.m.

- Patients should make arrangements to leave their room by 11 a.m. on their day of discharge