Lindsay Shaw

What to pack for a hospital admission

When you and your doctor agree that you need to be admitted to hospital it can be difficult to predict how long your admission may be. Nevertheless, here is a sample list of what to pack for your hospital stay.

- Toothpaste, toothbrush, floss

- Multiple change of clothes, undergarments, socks

- Pyjamas, bathrobe, slippers

- Toiletries (hairbrush, lotion, soap, shampoo etc)

- Eye glasses and/or contact lenses etc. (if applicable)

- Favorite books, laptop, homework or other work, pictures, MP3 player, headphones etc.

- Your nebulizer, compressors,special medications, glucometer, glucose monitoring strips, airway clearance devices etc.

- Your own BIPAP or CPAP machine and mask (if applicable)

- Small amounts of money or credit or debit card

- Your smile!!!!