CF related diabetes

Up to 40% of adults with CF have diabetes. Most of those people are diagnosed in their 20's and are pancreatic insufficient. This happens because in cystic fibrosis, normal amounts of insulin are not always made due to scarring of the pancreas. Insulin is a hormone that helps you to use your food for energy and growth, and to build fat and muscle. People with insulin deficiency (low insulin levels) may experience high blood sugar, low energy, weight loss, and decreased muscle size. People may present with non-specific symptoms such as weight loss, decreased energy and feeling unwell and they may have a drop in their lung function. Other symptoms include feeling thirsty all the time and frequent urination.

Once a year at a clinic visit you will be tested for diabetes with an oral glucose tolerance test. We believe that aggressive and early replacement of insulin can improve lung function, increase muscle mass, stop weight loss, and help people with CF related diabetes to live longer, healthier lives.