New or Worsening Symptoms?

Please reach out early if you notice new or worsening symptoms that might suggest a decline in your health.

The CF office number is 416-864-5409. If you call between 8:30am and 4pm, you will be able to speak to a CF nurse who will provide an assessment and health advice by phone. If needed, she will consult a CF physician to address acute medical issues.

If it is outside of office hours or during holidays and you need urgent assistance, you can call St. Michael’s Hospital Locating at 416-864-5431 and ask for the CF doctor on-call.

If you require hospitalization, the CF clinic nurse will make arrangements for admission with the Respirology / CF in-patient unit. You will be notified to come to the hospital when a bed becomes available.

Please note, that our clinic does not have your pharmacy information on file so try to have your pharmacy phone and fax numbers available when you contact us in case we need to call in a prescription for you.