With advancements in CF treatments, including new modulator therapies like Trikafta, patients living with CF are living longer. Longer life expectancy may raise new challenges that could include feeling unprepared for the future, issues around family planning and aging with CF. Your team is listening and is looking at ways to provide more support for your mental health.

Both anxiety and depression are common amongst the general public however, we know that living with a chronic illness like CF can also increase the likelihood that individuals will experience a greater degree of anxiety and depression.  For patients living with CF sometimes the symptoms of depression can be similar to the symptoms of a CF exacerbation (for example, fatigue, changes in appetite or changes in weight) and it can be hard to tell the difference which can make maintaining good mental health more challenging.   It’s important to remember that you may experience sadness and anxiety due to the uncertainty of your health; however, persistent depression and anxiety that interfere with your daily life should be addressed as part of your overall health and emotional wellness.

If you are struggling with issues related to mental health, please click  here for additional information and resources.