Travel Tips


Whether for business or pleasure, travelling can be exciting but it is important to be prepared. The following tips will help ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. Planning your trip Let the CF team know about your travel plans. We will help prepare a travel letter. It will say that you have cystic fibrosis and list the medications and supplies you need to carry with you. Travel letters should be requested from the CF administrative staff by calling 416 864 5409 or e-mailing If you are worried about becoming sick while you are away, we can provide prescriptions [...]

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Trikafta Q&A Webinar


 Date of Session: Dec 15, 2021 The Toronto Adult CF Centre's roll out process of accessing Trikafta (a new CFTR Modulator) for eligible CF patients at this centre. Speakers: Dr. Elizabeth Tullis, Director: Toronto Adult CF Centre Kevin Curley, Clinical Pharmacist Moderator: Annie Thomas-Diceman, Social Worker

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COVID-19 Vaccines and CF


We strongly recommend all CF patients receive the vaccine to protect themselves and others from infection. Vaccination against the COVID-19 virus has been shown in large scale trials to protect you from getting sick, being hospitalized or dying after infection with this virus. People with CF are vulnerable because they have underlying lung disease as well as some of the risk factors associated with worse health outcomes such as diabetes. Studies have shown that people with CF who have received a transplant are at increased risk of being admitted to the hospital, requiring oxygen and even dying after infection with [...]

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